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Balance Vegan Candles

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When it comes to celebrations and tributes, candles have always been important to us. With four inviting scents, from zesty lime to soothing lavender, your candles will make even the dullest moments special. You can personalize the lid and the sticker of your custom jar candles with a pattern, design, or text. These candle jars with lids are an environmentally conscious choice with a 100% vegan wax made from natural soy and oils.



  • Lovingly hand poured by artisans
  • 100% vegan and recycled materials
  • Clean burning candles (minimal soot)
  • 8.4oz burn time of 60 hours (approx)
  • Do not use metal lid while candle is hot



  • Orange, Clove and Cinnamon: orange, clove and cinnamon fragrance oils
  • Relax: essential oils from a natural plant source - lavender, geranium, sweet orange and ylang ylang
  • Pink Fizz and Grapefruit with sparkling wine, citrus, apple, grapefruit
  • Lime, Basil and Mandarin with tangerine, lime and mandarin



  • Large: 3.2in W x 3in H x 3.2in D
  • Total weight large: 17oz

Please note: The way that the natural wax reacts with the glass and heat means that the wax may pull away from the sides just a bit. This may give the candle a 'spotting' texture, which is completely natural, and there is never more than a hair's width between the glass and the wax. 


While candles can set the mood anywhere, it is important that they are used safely to avoid killing the mood. The glass can become hot when burning, so avoid touching or moving the glass while the candle is burning. The metal lid is designed to keep the candle clean and not to be used while the candle is burning, which is important as the lid has a card interior. A hot jar may also damage the lid's design. To avoid surface damage, always use a heat-resistant surface when using your candle. 

To ensure your safety, each candle and box will include a safety and CLP label specific to each scent (as each scent has different care requirements) as well as a list of ingredients. Click the following for the CLP and Safety Certificate of each sizing option:

  • 8.4oz Candle: Download here.

Hand wash, removing candle first. Do not leave candles unattended at any time. Carelessness causes fire.